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18 May 2021

C+GA Awarded 2021 Ivory Prize for Innovation in Sustainable Housing

C+GA is honored to be selected for the prestigious 2021 Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability in Construction and Design.
Recognizing innovations in design, financing, and policy that are ambitious, feasible, and scalable, the Ivory Innovations’ Advisory Board noted “Often, sustainability and affordability are competitive goals for housing development. However, C+GA is pioneering new approaches to break through the budgetary barriers that previously made building energy-efficient and affordable multifamily housing difficult.”
This ambitious program is creating real pathways to housing affordability, we are excited to be recognized alongside our esteemed colleagues at BamCore, KeepHome by Framework, and Impact Justice / The Homecoming Project. Ivory is “thrilled to recognize four amazing innovators that are providing unique and impactful contributions to solving our nation’s affordability challenges.”